Project Tank 2.0

The TANK 2.0 project is a combined effort involving a number of friends and family of Simon Jameson to build and develop a technological solution to enable him to play the tag sport of Airsoft, despite his physical disability.

Simon had great success in crowd funding his custom made 6-wheel off-road vehicle called a HexHog, receiving donations from all across the world through GoFundMe and currently standing at over €22k.

This specially designed wheelchair forms the base for the Tank 2.0 project. On top of this  is built an armored shield that houses 2 x high pressure air powered light machine guns with 2500 round capicity, and a single M134a Minigun mounted to the roll bar. This minigun sits on a pivoting axis that allows for movement on both the X and Y axis. This can be controlled with a custom made joystick that requires only the lightest of touch, and firing is controlled with a specially developed glove.

Much of this project is now complete, but there are areas that are still being worked on, including the final touches to an android application that allows others to control the gun through Amazon web services and a Raspberry Pi.

For more info on the project to date, check out Simon’s social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube!


Simon ‘Tank’ Jameson

Airsoft player, Tank Commander, Wheeled Warrior