RapidARM – Active Response Monitoring

RapidARM is a 4th year college project aimed at developing a multi device heart monitoring system, with an emphasis on IoT.

The system involves the collection of heart rate data from the user through an Android Wear smart watch, transmitting this data to an Android powered mobile device. The mobile device evaluates the reading and decides whether to take any action or not.

If the mobile device needs to take action, it will contact the emergency services automatically and will provide the users ID and location details. The system will also unlock the users front door to enable the emergency services to gain entry.

In addition to the basic monitoring and response functions, the service also allows the user to take control of their electrical devices at home by way of a smart-home section of the mobile application. This enables them to control lighting, heating, television etc, all from the comfort of their chair. A Raspberry Pi computer coupled with a multi channel relay board allow this to happen.

The Raspberry Pi listens to the cloud database for changes to a particular set of variables and when changes are identified, they are parsed and sent to the relevant actuating methods for processing.