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Results are in! I got a 1st! :D

So a couple of days ago I received a letter from college. It could only really be one thing. It’s always a bit of a nervous time, even though I already knew my results but I was delighted to crack open the letter and see that I had been awarded a H1 (1st Class Honours) […]

Winter is Coming! Headlight Restore

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and the road conditions are becoming more and more hazardous in the evenings. Typically around this time of year, I give the car a going over to ensure that it is winter ready, before the weather gets too bad and this typically involves doing […]

Lefty Leatherman Wave Conversion

I have been a huge fan of Leatherman multitools since I first got my PSTII over 20 years ago and I have had many more since then. My favorite though, has to be the Leatherman Wave, due to its size and the wealth of tools it contains within this compact little everyday carry’able. As great […]

Homemade IoT Remote Turret Gun

To give a bit of an introduction into this project, I’ve always been interested in robotics and automation kinda stuff, having grown up on movies like Terminator, Short Circuit and others, so when the opportunity to build an actual firing remote turret came along, I jumped on it! The hardware side of things were going […]


Hello world!

Hello there! I have begun working on a new site for my online profile and it’s going pretty well so far. Recently, I acquired the eirsoft.ie domain which I will be using my my personal profile. So far I’ve managed to get a few of my previous projects up on site, but when time allows, […]